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Sky Bubbles Deluxe
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An evil sorcerer has trapped the inhabitants of a peaceful kingdom in magical bubbles suspended high above their land. It's your task in the Match 3 game Sky Bubbles Deluxe to free these innocent souls of their bubbled cages before time runs out!

The game features unique color matching gameplay in which you earn the ability to free multiple souls by making several matches of the same color in a row. As you progress through each level of the game there are more and more souls to save and less and less time to do it in, so you'll have to stay focused and adapt your skills to the challenging gameplay.

Sky Bubbles Deluxe features thrilling graphics, five game modes and a screensaver, making it a fun action-puzzler adventure for the entire family.

Download Sky Bubbles Deluxe for FREE and enjoy:
  • Massive story campaign
  • Four Quick Play game modes
  • Beautiful animation and special effects
  • Stunning 3D backgrounds
  • Booming sound effects
  • Screensaver mode
System Requirements