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Word Challenge Extreme
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Word Challenge Extreme is the ultimate fix for Word game addicts! Offering four separate and complete word games in a single package, it's also a bargain hunter's delight!

In Word Jumble, you race against the clock to find as many words as possible in a group of letters. Hunt-a-Word challenges you to find the words hidden in a mosaic of letters. Your goal in Hangman is to reveal the secret phrase before an execution is carried out. Finally, in Word Whiz, you form words by linking adjacent letters.

Featuring one-handed game play (click your mouse with one hand and hold a cup of coffee in the other), pleasant audio and crisp visuals, Word Challenge Extreme will provide you and your family with hours of brain-teasing fun!

Download Word Challenge Extreme for FREE and enjoy:
  • Four word games in one!
  • Unlimited number of levels.
  • Save your progress at any time.
  • High score boards.
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