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Mahjongg Artifacts
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The story of the all-time classic Puzzle game Mahjongg Artifacts revolves around archeologist Mark Hawk, a martial arts expert and lover of Mahjongg. Playing as Mark, your aim in this game is to embark on a quest through five exotic cultures in search of lost artifacts, with the prized relic said to grant god-like powers to its owner.

The Mahjongg game play involves removing randomly placed tiles from a puzzle in matched pairs until the board is completely cleared. With so many interesting tile designs to match up including images, numbers and symbols, and with bonus Power Tiles to help you along the way, Mahjongg Artifacts is deliciously challenging. With every level you complete you cannot help but delve straight into the next one to see how quickly you can solve the next puzzle to reveal the 2 Golden Tiles that signify the level's completion.

The visuals in Mahjongg Artifacts are stunning, the music mesmerizing and the game play thoroughly addictive. You'll almost want to fail your relic-hunting mission on purpose so you can keep playing forever!

DownloadMahjongg Artifacts for FREE and enjoy:
  • 3 Play Modes: Quest, Classic and Endless.
  • 27 gorgeous backgrounds
  • Five beautifully drawn tile sets
  • Six songs inspired by ancient cultures
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
DirectX ---
Operating System Windows 2000 ---
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
Processor Speed 500 500 ---
Memory 128 128 ---
Video Card Memory 4 8 ---
System Requirements