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Go Go Gourmet
Time Management
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Gramps Henry is on a mission to find the world's hottest chili recipe. In the process, he leaves his niece Ginger to renovate a rundown restaurant and fill a blank cookbook. Find ingredients, whip-up recipes, and juggle hungry customers in Go-Go Gourmet, an addictive hidden object and Time Management game rolled into one. Work with the nuttiest restaurateurs in town to become a master chef.

Download and Play Go-Go Gourmet for FREE and enjoy:
  • Innovative and genre-bending, Go-Go Gourmet will leave you hungry for more.
  • Unlock all 122 mouth-watering menu items.
  • Follow the humorous storyline through 7 uniquely themed restaurants.
  • Unlock 25+ restaurant upgrades.
  • Meet all 6 wacky restaurateurs.
  • Unlock 3 challenging mini-games.
  • Steadily build your cooking status to Master Chef.
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