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Vacation Mogul
Time Management
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The tourism business has never been easier or more fun than in Vacation Mogul, a real estate-style Time Management game that challenges you to make more money than you ever dreamed possible. Taking on the role of a young woman whose sister mysteriously disappears after they both learn of a mansion and five islands they inherited from their late uncle, your aim in this game is to earn enough money to reclaim the house.

Using an intuitive point-and-click interface, you must build and upgrade different kinds of buildings including hotels, spas, volleyball courts, casinos and ice cream shops. Then you must attract tourists to earn your weekly income goal. You'll soon become one of the rich and powerful as you buy and sell land, turn bungalows into ritzy hotels and build specialty shops and other attractions, all with a click of your mouse. Just be sure to keep one eye on your resources and the other on your bottom line!

Download Vacation Mogul for FREE and enjoy:
  • 8 challenging levels
  • 16 buildings
  • 12 bonuses
  • Two mini-games
  • Eye-popping graphics
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