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Lavender's Botanicals
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Expand your all-natural personal care business while helping your community in Lavender´s Botanicals! Assuming the role of Lavender, an intelligent and motivated woman who has used all-natural ingredients to create the best personal care products and wants to sell them all over the world. To do so, you must travel and meet people who will help you find new ingredients, recipes, new production facilities and make contracts with sellers.

As your business grows, you´ll have to keep your production facilities stocked with resources while developing new products to keep up with the market and increase sales. Visit 17 different cities; unlock 56 recipes and 38 ingredients which will allow you to make more than 200 products. Meet 40 different characters. Play three different color-matching mini games. Solve 78 storyline quests, discover 19 hidden quests and try infinite optional quests. If you do well and keep yourself true to your all-natural dream, you'll earn great rewards. What are you waiting for? Hours of fun await!

Download Lavender's Botanicals for FREE and enjoy:
  • Discover 56 recipes and 38 ingredients.
  • Make more than 200 products.
  • 17 unique, beautifully depicted cities with their most important landmarks.
  • Play three different mini games to manage your production.
  • More than 90 quests to find and solve
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