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Heartwild Solitaire - Book Two
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Binky's once comfortable life, working as a maid by day and an artist's model by night, has begun to crumble. Rejected by her secret lover and betrayed by her longtime employer, everything she knows is changing. Leaving her future to fate, Binky turns to tarot cards for guidance.

Immerse yourself in Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two, a classic solitaire-style adventure featuring 280 challenging levels, an all-new branching storyline with four unique endings, and bonus levels that can significantly increase your score. Make card matches, collect bonus points for sequential matching, and gather unique level-changing power-ups to help you along the way. Plus, with random card placement throughout, no level will play the same way twice.

Download Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two for FREE and enjoy:
  • Branching storyline with 4 possible endings
  • 280 levels
  • Bonus rounds to boost your score
  • All-new features and rules
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