Mummy's Treasure
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Explore the Pharaoh's tomb in a puzzling pyramid adventure in Mummy's Treasure! Venture into the mummy's lair, solving Puzzle/Match 3 mysteries and collecting all the treasure. Use your powers of wit and deduction to get rid of the mummy and skeleton heads. Be careful which parts of the puzzle you touch. Gravity doesn't always kick in the way you are used to in the world of Mummy's Treasure!

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  • 60 levels across 3 chapters.
  • Physics-oriented gaming.
  • Thought-provoking puzzles.
  • Hidden gems and par scores for replayability.
  • 19 achievements to unlock.
Component Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows Vista, Windows Server "Longhorn"
Component Minimum Recommended
Processor Speed 1000 1000
Memory 512 512
Video Card Memory 64 64
System Requirements