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Bunny Bounce Deluxe
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In Bunny Bounce Deluxe, your goal is to align three or more same-colored bunnies (horizontally or vertically, or both) by swapping them around on the board. As you make successful matches, the matched-up bunnies will disappear, making room for new ones to bounce up from the bottom.

As you progress in this Puzzle/Match 3 game, the screens will get more challenging with many more bunnies that must be matched in a shorter timeframe. Eventually, new bunny colors will be introduced and you'll also have to overcome obstacles on the board such as patches of dirt or rocks that cannot be removed. Luckily, if you perform well, bonus bunnies will appear on the screen that will act as wildcards that will help you get further in the game!

Download Bunny Bounce Deluxe for FREE and enjoy:
  • A unique take on Match-3 gameplay
  • Fun, addictive and suitable for the whole family
  • Cute graphics
  • Over 70 increasingly challenging levels
  • Three game modes: Party, Action and Relax
  • Save all the collectable bunnies in your photo album
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
DirectX ---
Operating System Windows 2000 ---
Status Component Minimum Recommended Detected
Processor Speed 500 500 ---
Memory 128 128 ---
Video Card Memory 32 64 ---
System Requirements