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Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten
Hidden Object
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Sailing through uncharted waters, a strange island appears in the distance with what seems to be bonfires. As you near, a dark shadow beneath the water suddenly attacks your boat and casts you into open water. You wake, only to find yourself in a makeshift prison and with a strange tattoo inked on your arm. What have you gotten yourself into? How are you going to escape?

Search the prison to escape and the rest of the island for a way off in this fantastic thriller. Investigate the meaning behind your newfound tattoo and the motivation behind your imprisonment. Who are these strange islanders lurking within the lush landscape. Discover helpful items, solve intriguing puzzles, and find your way home before you become cursed and forgotten.

  • Save yourself from a strange ritual in this fantastic Hidden Object island thriller
  • Escape a makeshift prison and search a mysterious island for a way off
  • Search for helpful items and use tools to find answers
  • Solve puzzles and other mini-games to go deeper into the mystery
System Requirements