How do I use the FreeRide Games Player?

When you download a game from FreeRide Games for the first time, our TRUSTe certified installer, FreeRide Games Player(aka, the EXETender Player) is downloaded along with it.  This is a one time download and installation, which means you won't have to download it again the next time you download a game from our website.

Once downloaded and installed, the FreeRide Games Player allows you to access our games directly from your desktop whenever you like!  All you need is an Internet connection.  Our Games Player and Games are safe to download and we guarantee that our service is virus and spyware free.

There is quite a lot of information to take in so we broke it up into seperate sections for you.  Take your time and check each out!


About the Games Player download process


How to Launch/Access the Games Player


The "My Games" Section


The Game Player's System Tray menu


How to change your Games Player Settings


About the Games Player Interface


About In-Game Features



About the Games Player download process


When you download a game from Free Ride Games for the first time, you will be asked to Run our software (i.e. install the Games Player).  You will need to install the software as the FreeRide Games can only be played from within the Free Ride Games Player. 

Here is an example of the Run window in Internet Explorer:



Here is an example of the download in Google Chrome:

Here is an example of the download in Mozilla Firefox:

When the Games Player download begins you will also be given the option to download our cool Toolbar which allows you easy access to your FreeRide Games while you surf the Internet.



During the installation of the Game Player, we give you a quick tour of the Game Player features.




How to Launch/Access the Games Player


There are 3 ways that you can access the Games Player and your Games:


1. Using the FreeRide Games or My Games icon on your Desktop


2. Using the FreeRide Games in your Start Menu



3. Accessing the System Tray:  Right-click on the "F" Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to your clock) and choose My Games.


  • NOTE:  If you have Windows 7 you may need to click the ^ button to expand your System Tray and cause the "F" icon to appear.




The "My Games" Section


Once the Game Player is installed you can track the progress of your game downloads from within the My Games section of the Game Player.



Any games you download will be added to the "Download Queue".  You can add multiple games to the Download Queue, however only one game will download at a time. The next game that you have in the Download Queue will automatically begin to download after the first has finished.  You can always Pause and Resume Downloads of the games in order to control the order that the games download in.


Noticed a couple of extra games in your My Games section that you didn't download yourself?  No need to worry!  Since it is your first time accessing the FreeRide Games it is very important to us that you have a great play experience and sample the best that FreeRide Games has to offer.  So in addition to the game you choose to download yourself, we also give you 2 - 3 of our top games for you to try.  This is the only time we ever do this though, so if you want more of our game recommendations you can always visit our home page or subscribe to our popular, weekly newsletter: Rider Insider Plus.


By the way, you can always uninstall a game if you don't want to play it anymore.  Simply click the Delete button next to the game you want to remove.




The Game Player's System Tray menu


To access the Game Player System Tray menu you will need to Right-Click on the FreeRide Games icon (the yellow "F" inside of a Blue Circle) in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to the clock).


The Game Players System Tray menu looks like this:



The Go to FreeRide Games button launches the FreeRide Games website


The Invite a Friend button launches our Invite a Friend page, allowing you to invite other people to check out FreeRide Games!


The Games Catalog button launches the Game Players More Free Games tab


The My Games button launches the My Games tab inside the Game Player.  Within the My Games section you can access all the games you have downloaded already as well as browse for other top games to download.


The Open Settings button opens a settings interface dialogue box.



How to change your Game Player Settings


To change your Game Player settings, right-click on the Free Ride Games icon (the yellow "F" inside of a Blue Circle) in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to the clock) and choose Open Settings


The FreeRide Games Player Settings Dialogue Box has 4 different options to choose from:

1. The About section in the Game Player Settings tells you about what version of the FreeRide Games Player you have installed.  You can also click the Send Feedback button which allows you to send is feedback directly.



2. The Appearance section in the Game Player Settings allows you to select your preferred display language.  At the moment the only option is English.  You can also control whether or not the FreeRide Games Player should be launched at Windows start-up.



3. The Messages section in the Game Player Settings allows you to control your Game Player Message settings.  The Game Player Message feature allows us to contact you for important Game Player updates and notifications; because of this we strongly recommend that you always keep the checkboxes ticked (you can turn off the sound if you wish).



4. The Connection section in the Game Player settings contains your connection Proxy & Updates settings.  In order to ensure that you are able to play the games without interruption or errors we strongly recommend that you do not alter your Proxy settings.




About the Games Player Interface


We will now discuss some of the many features that are included with the Games Player Interface.


The Games Player is divided into 3 tabs:


The My Games tab is where you can access all of the games you have already downloaded, plus keep track of the progress of new games that you are currently downloading.  If a game's status is "In download queue", that means that it is already displaying in the My Games tab of your Games Player.


The More Free Games tab displays highlights from the Free Ride Games website's home page, so that you can keep up with what's going on in the Free Ride Games website from within the Games Player.



The Play Ad Free Tab allows you to check out the newly added GameTaniumService.  This newly added service allows you to bypass all of those intrusive advertisements by signing up for a low, monthly subscription to GameTanium.



The Games Player features a Search bar in the upper right corner of the Games Player window.  This Search bar allows you to search for games right within the Games Player.  The Search feature is also intuitive, which means that even if you type part of the name of a game, if we have that game, all the games that match your search word will be displayed for you.  The example below shows all the games we offer with the letters "mon" in them.



You can also search by game Genre and Channel.  The FreeRide Games catalog features the most popular casual PC game genres, including Hidden Object, Match 3, Time Management, Puzzle, Card/Board, Arcade and Word.



The game Channels represent areas of interest.  They include: Beauty & Fashion, Travel, Food, Pets, Green and Home & Neighborhood.



If you experience any technical difficulty you can click on the Help Center link.  Our Help Center includes an extensive knowledgebase of known errors and their solutions.


If you have any trouble playing the games, the first thing you should check is if your PC meets the game's System Requirements.  If it doesn't, then that is most likely the cause of your issue.  Please click here to learn more about the System Requirements.


About In-Game Features


Some of our games include additional In-Game Features.  These include:



Invite a Friend to Free Ride Games!



Launch the Facebook widget (currently not available)




That just about sums up the Games Player Interface and Features.


Hope you enjoy playing at FreeRide Games!