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Lottso Deluxe
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Match, scratch and win in Lottso Deluxe. Race against the clock to match as many numbered balls to the numbered spaces on your Lottso! Cards. Cover all the spaces and "Lottso!" - it flips over and activates the scratcher game for bonus points.

This incredible combination of Card/Casino and Scratch card play will keep you in a scratch trance for hours on end! Charms and Power-ups and lend a hand and push you through 8 entertaining Lottso! Parlors.

Download and Play Lottso Deluxe for FREE and enjoy:
  • Unlock over 3 dozen Lottso! Cards.
  • Use power-ups like "Amnesia" to gain the upper hand and keep the competition on its toes.
  • Earn tokens & collect rank icons and charms as you play.
  • Go from rags to riches with 7 exclusive Mini avatars and over a dozen Mini items.
  • Complete challenges and advance through 8 themed Lottso! Parlors.
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