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The Poppit Show
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Play the hit game that is taking the world by storm. The Poppit! Show combines balloon-popping action and 3D graphics to deliver one exciting Puzzle/Match 3 adventure. Enjoy 2 great game modes: Classic and Pop TV. The Poppit! Show is a TV-inspired, balloon-bursting game that is based on the world famous brainteaser. With a fun array of new backgrounds and power-ups, it is the most thrilling Puzzle/Match 3 game out there! Bust your way through a series of prime time shows hosted Spike the cartoon cactus. Work your way through grids of colored balloons on every level. Destroy more than 8 balloons with a single click, win applause and release charming presents!

Download and Play The Poppit! Show for FREE and enjoy:
  • Earn 7 power-ups.
  • Full screen 3D high resolution graphics.
  • Enjoy 2 great game modes: Classic and Pop TV.
System Requirements