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Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go
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Journey around the globe dodging dangers, collecting museum artifacts, touring stunning locales and playing some super solitaire! Unlock treasure chests to reveal power-ups in this exciting adventure-themed card game!

  • Join Tex Carter on his adventures around the globe as he dodges dangers, collects museum artifacts, tours stunning locales and plays some super solitaire
  • Bonus Powerups: Unlock a treasure chest and earn powerups that let you re-shuffle portions of the deck, snake-charm your way to bonus token payouts, or give you a Wild card to use anytime
  • Rich Graphics and Sounds: Play your way from Aztec ruins to the Egyptian desert, to the fantastic world of Atlantis and more! Unlock bonus cardbacks with each new locale. An original music soundtrack helps set the mood
  • Adventure themed solitaire game
  • Search the globe for hidden treasures and perilous hijinx
  • Multiple environments, temples & power-ups
  • Stunning graphics and original soundtrack
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