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Sudoku Quest
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Sudoku Quest is the brain bending, addictive new puzzle game that has taken the world by storm. Choose from four levels of difficulty that will cater to beginners as well as Sudoku masters. There are hints for players who need help solving a board, and a range of elemental themes for those who want to customize their game.

Sudoku Quest can generate an endless stream of unique Sudoku boards that will keep you hooked for hours. Play well and you could achieve high score status. So if you like addictive puzzle games that need skill and logic to complete, then Sudoku Quest is for you.

  • Print out the puzzles and solve them on paper
  • 4 elemental themes to choose: fire, wind, earth and water
  • 4 levels of difficulty, from novice to Sudoku veteran
  • Easy to play, no messy rubbing out if you make a mistake
System Requirements