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Garden Dash
Time Management
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In Garden Dash, Flo's best tipping customer Barb the Businesswoman, takes up gardening to escape the high-stress demands of her corporate job. Full of business savvy, she starts an urban gardening business and transforms DinerTown's urban lots into thriving gardens. Starting on the apartment rooftop and moving onto the local playground, use your green thumb to care for plants with quirky needs, customize layouts, and grow produce for the DinerTown community. Help Barb find relief in Garden Dash, the freshest Time Management game yet!

Download Garden Dash for FREE and enjoy:
  • 5 city lots to transform into thriving gardens
  • Quirky plant requests: roses need headphones, peaches need clothes, and much more
  • Personalization of your garden´s layout: decide where everything goes
  • Strategic upgrades to make your garden flourish
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