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Delicious Deluxe
Time Management
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In Delicious Deluxe, we meet Emily who has just opened up a new cafe and needs to earn not only enough cash to stay in business, but also to expand her chain of restaurants. Naturally, she'll need your help to do it!

Your challenge in this delectable Time Management game is to serve patrons at the cafe, making sure that you seat them at tables, get the orders right and serve them in a timely fashion. Sounds easy? Not so! As the game progresses there will be more customers to serve as more tables open up, so you'll have to become very efficient about performing all of your tasks, or they'll become impatient and storm out. Grouchy customers don't tip well either so serving them a chocolate truffle right before paying their bill might improve their mood. And while you're doing your best to provide top notch customer service, you'll also have tables to clean and food to prepare. The pace will become frenzied and your multitasking skills will be put to the test but Delicious Deluxe will serve up lots of fun for the whole family!

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