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Mahjong Mysteries of the Past
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Travel back in time and search for pieces of a missing artifact in Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past. Playing as scientist Andy Brown in the Story mode, you must collect 10 pieces of a magical medallion that promise to give its wearer power over nature and the ability to rescue civilization from certain doom.

The game's 60 levels span five historical periods including ancient Egypt, the Mayan civilization, ancient Rome, China and medieval England. In the mahjong levels, the aim is to clear the board of tiles by removing two tiles of the same type. Tiles are free to remove if they're uncovered and unblocked at least on one side by an adjacent tile. Every sixth level is a curious "match-2" mini-game where you must clear symbols from a grid by matching two or more of the same type. In between levels you'll find yourself talking to various characters trying to negotiate with them for their piece of the medallion. Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past promises hours of mahjong fun!

Download Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past for FREE and enjoy:
  • 60 levels spanning five historical periods
  • 3 modes (Classical, Endless and Story) with hundreds of levels in between
  • Unique tile sets that reflects the culture of the relevant historical period
  • Attractive tiles and watercolor-style backdrops
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