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Evy: Magic Spheres
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Orphan Evy wakes to find herself in a fairytale kingdom under threat from an evil witch. Beyond the witch, monstrous creatures roam the land, from werewolves and evil rabbits to goblins and much, much worse. With the help of new friends and the magic of her special spheres, Evy has to save the land. In puzzle duels, she must match 3+ spheres in endlessly-shifting puzzle chains to unlock her powers and defeat the creatures. The land itself is beautifully-illustrated, with magnificent painted landscapes and charismatic enemies. As Evy travels through it, a thrilling plot unfurls, taking Evy from one end of the landscape to the other and, ultimately, to the witch's own hut. Beautiful and gripping, Evy's world has to be seen to be believed. Stunning hand-drawn art A magnificent fairytale world A gripping plot with odd allies A compelling upgrade system A variety of mini-games across 61 levels Unique "marble popper" duel system
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