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The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus
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The town doctor, Macario Magnus, has lost his wife and daughter in an accident after their car fell from a bridge into the river. After the trauma of losing his family, Dr. Magnus retreats from the world and his work as a doctor. Crushed with pain for his lost family, he becomes obsessed with idea of getting in contact with their souls through consumption of various potions. One of these potions gave him superhuman powers and the ability to enter other people's dreams. Shortly thereafter, the bereaved Dr. Magnus vanishes.

Sarah Green, young detective, is assigned Dr. Magnus' case. A number of mysterious details surface, connecting her with the missing doctor. Her search will lead her closer to him, but also to herself...

  • Gorgeous, lucious graphics
  • A challenging mystery to solve
  • A variety of detective- and science-based mini-games
System Requirements