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The Trials of Olympus II: Wrath of the Gods
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With extraordinary efforts as a limited mortal, Angelo could finally fulfill the Grecian king's order to build the most majestic palace on earth, and marry his true love, Princess Amara.

However, their happiness didn't last long because he must face the full wrath of Ares, the greatest god of war, who considered Angelo's decision to marry a mortal as an insult to the gods of Olympus. Ares journeyed to Tartarus to unleash the Titans to destroy Angelo's kingdom into ashes and kidnap Princess Amara. Many innocent people became victims of this gods' dispute. And now, Angelo is the only one who can save his people's lives and defend his kingdom from total devastation.

  • Epic story based on mythological figures
  • Over 40 unique levels.
  • 100 challenging match-3 levels
  • 32 upgrades to build the strongest fortress on earth
  • 5 unique, challenging worlds to conquer.
System Requirements