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Northern Tale 2
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Try the awesome sequel! After the evil witch Gesta was defeated, the time of peace was restored. The viking king Ragnar decides to restore the kingdom in its former glory — repair the ruined villages, heal the cursed trees. However, Gesta is still alive, and the even greater evil is threatening the vikings. Travel along 50 gorgeous levels and explore wondrous locations, make friends with mermaids and mushrooms in the faraway lands, prevent the war between two mighty nations and see the story come to life with the improved 3D graphics!

  • Revive King Ragnar's kingdom in an adventure game you'll never forget
  • Restore his kingdom by repairing villages, collecting gold, and growing and producing food
  • Meet quirky characters like mermaids, mushrooms and many more
  • Play 50 levels full of challenges and try to unlock all awards
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