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Heroes of Hellas
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In the mood for some epic, Ancient Grecian themed fun? Then grab a bowl of Tzatziki and a glass of Ouzo and get stuck into Heroes of Hellas!

Your objective in this highly addictive Match 3 game is to pursue the thief who has stolen the scepter that Zeus uses to control Earth and Heaven. On your way you will get some help from the great Greek heroes like Perseus and Hercules, and if you complete your mission successfully, your name will be displayed in the Assembly of Heroes!

But there are more rewards that you can look forward to. Not only will you learn about the awe inspiring feats that the ancient Grecian heroes are famous for, but you will also receive plenty of assistance as you help the legendary hammer-wielding God of the Fire of Blacksmiths, Hephaestus, build a majestic palace. You will also be able to unlock some stunning wallpapers as you progress through the superbly animated levels.

Download Heroes of Hellas for FREE and enjoy:
  • Seven unique heroes to utilize.
  • Nine myths to explore.
  • Seven stunning desktop wallpapers.
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