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Cooking Academy 2
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Welcome to the World Culinary Workshop. Cooking Academy 2 will put you in the kitchens of restaurants from all corners of the globe. From Chinese BBQ Pork Buns, to Mexican Tamales, to Japanese Sushi, make your way through 60 different recipes from eight different countries. Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering all new skills and mini-games including food processors, mixers, raiding the fridge and much more.

Unlock new recipes and trophies as you complete recipes and exams in each of the eight restaurants. Are you ready to cook foods from around the world? Then get ready for a culinary adventure with Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine!

Download Cooking Academy 2 for FREE and enjoy:
  • 60 unique recipes.
  • 8 countries to master: China, Italy, America, India, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, and France.
  • 50 cooking games.
  • 11 trophies with 4 different rankings to unlock.
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