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Delicious - Emily's True Love Premium Edition
Time Management
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Share in Emily's search for true happiness with Delicious - Emily's True Love Premium Edition, a wonderful new chapter in the amazing series. A year after Emily opens her own restaurant, business continues to boom though her personal life is completely non-existent. Shades of promise appear when she receives a rose, but she is too shy to act on it. Then one day an old love letter from a summer romance arrives that turns Emily's world upside down. Will she act upon either of these to find her true love?

  • This Premium Edition includes 10 Bonus gameplay levels, 10 exclusive restaurant items, a helpful Strategy Guide, a touching Screensaver, and wonderful wallpapers
  • Celebrate the romance of a lifetime in this amazing Time Management treasure
  • Follow Emily around the world as she tries to reconnect with the one that got away
  • Uncover wonderful and endearing surprises of Emily's life
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