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Turbo Pizza
Time Management
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Rebecca and Robert are on a quest to build a successful restaurant franchise. With a family secret recipe they have what it takes to get started, but they´ll need to refurbish a rundown castle, build their skills and provide quick service to attract customers and achieve a reputation that will turn their pizzeria into a Turbo Pizza Palace.

In the Turbo Pizza Time Management game, you have full control over the future of Rebecca and Robert´s pizza destiny. Decide when it´s right to purchase new appliances, better menu options, or put resources behind developing Rebecca and Robert´s skills. Save enough money to open a second location in an even MORE unique setting. Meet your customer´s needs and word of mouth will bring the masses. Remember though, different customers have different needs. Hey, no one said becoming a restaurant mogul would be easy.
  • Explore 50 challenging levels.
  • Set up shop in 2 outrageous locations.
  • Compete in local pizza making contests.
  • Earn money to buy new items.
  • Beautify your restaurant with fun upgrades.
  • Add menu options to attract more customers.
System Requirements